Fendi's Baguette

An iconic handbag from the famous House, yet controversial at the time of its release in the late 90s for its too small size and flamboyant colors. It became the number one It-bag of its generation, resulting in endless waiting lists in department stores!

On the 15th anniversary of the baguette, a book was published by Rizzoli and includes 250 color photos of Fendi baguettes created between 1997 and 2012. Also a shop in shop in the famous concept-store Colette was opened at this occasion.

"This is not a bag, it's a baguette !"

Considered an icon, our beloved Carrie may have been the very first fashion influencer through generations to this day, and Fendi has collaborated with the actress on several ads and clips.

In 2021, the famous Italian house released a short video entitled "The Baguette Walk" for the launch of its "Baguette 1997" collection, which echoes the date of creation of the model.

This time made in several colors of sequins, the "Baguette" returns once again to the forefront !

To me, it's because this bag has been declined in a multitude of versions that it can be THE accessory of any person, on any occasion.

Long live the Baguette !

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